The Chugs

The Cancept Album is out NOW

The Cancept Album is an absolutely unhinged musical love letter dedicated to none other than the legendary Hamm's beer! With unbridled passion and creativity, we've brewed up a tempestuous storm of chaos to create an extraordinary listening experience for you. Recorded at Wally Opus Records in Evansville, Indiana, this album is primed and ready for your consumption. We invite you to savor it as you would any other refreshing premium classic, reveling in the symphony of sound that pays homage to the iconic Hamm's beer. So, raise your can, crank up the volume, and let The Cancept Album take you on a thrilling musical journey. Drink it. Cheers 🍻


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The Chugs make punk music about Hamm’s beer.

Hailing from the midwest, we consume, and are consumed by, America's Premium Classic.

We only make music about our passions, and we are exclusively passionate about Hamm's beer.

We fully embody the golden brew, and we're headed to the land of sky blue waters. You comin' with us?

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